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Can I tell who viewed my Facebook Profile? 0

Can I tell who viewed my Facebook Profile?

Many persons and apps claim that they can tell who viewed their profile, but Facebook has reported that that functionality does not exist.

30 Write For Us Get Paid Sites

30 Write For Us Get Paid Sites

Here is a list of sites that designers and developers can write articles or tutorials and get paid. I call these “Write for Us – Get Paid” sites. Every one is trying different Work...

Why Blog? 0

Why Blog?

A lot of persons ask the same question “Why do people Blog?” and the answer is simple to me. I blog because I have something to share. Blogging has many benefits which contribute to...

Where to Guest Blog?? 0

Where to Guest Blog??

Now, if you’re an established Blogger or a Newbie and want to drive traffic to your website/blog then guest blogging is one of the most rewarding ways to do that. The idea is to...


Getting Logos the Correct way: Part 1

The idea of going to Google Images and grabbing a Logo seems like the expected way of getting logos for your next design project. But, is it really that easy? Well, yes and No....


My Tuts on Envato’s WP Tutsplus

Hey all, I just want to tell you all about my recent tutorials written on Wp. My journey to writing on TutsPlus began after I read an article that they are looking for...