Create a Joomla Module from Scratch

So, you want to create a Joomla Module? Here’s a few ways that you can do it. This post will help you get the best solution to create your new custom Joomla Module.

This tutorial will cover the process of creating a basic Joomla module from an existing widget. We’re going to take a widget from Mixcloud, learn how to convert it into a Joomla module and, finally, distribute the extension to JED (Joomla Extension Directory).

If you’ve never created a Joomla module before, this article is the best place to start!

How to Convert a Widget into a Joomla Module


A Joomla! 1.5 Module is in its most basic form two files: an XML configuration file and a PHP controller file. The XML configuration file contains general information about the module (as will be displayed in the Module Manager in the Joomla! administration interface), as well as module parameters which may be supplied to fine tune the appearance / functionality of the module. The PHP file provides the controlling logic for the module. A very simple “Hello World” module might looking something like this.

Creating a simple module

Through this tutorial we’re going to learn how to create and configure a basic module that will display information from the database. I choosed a popular component for job posting called Jobline. Jobline let you post jobs on your website and let your visitors apply. It’s compatible with Joomla 1.5 legacy. We are going to develop a module that will connect to the database and list recent posted jobs and display it according to parameters we pass. On the next tutorials we’ll be expanding our module to add more functions and more layouts and templates for output. This tutorial is for the beginners so bear me if you find explaination for the simplest things.

Creating and Configuring Basic Joomla Module
If you know a little PHP and understand a little about programming, then its fairly easy to jump into programming with the Joomla API! This video covers how to create a module, the easiest of the Joomla extensions to develop, and covers the basics on how you can start to hook into the power of Joomla. The example is creating a Twitter module, which will take a user’s public timeline and display it as a list. It doesn’t try to be too fancy, but just gets the job done.

Creating a Joomla Module


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