Introducing WP Adshare Revenue

For those that struggle to find ways to partner with authors or attract new authors to guest post on their blog, this little plugin might do the trick. WP Adshare helps to share AD revenue with WordPress authors to encourage them to write more posts.

WPAdshare is a simple way to share Google AdSense Revenue with Authors and Editors on any WordPress site. If you are familiar with Squidoo or Hubpages, you may have noticed that they reward their authors by allowing them some share of revenue. Hubpages allow  writers to submit their Google Adsense Publisher ID to be used within the writers post. That is the feature that WP Adshare is offering. Encourage writers to create more popular posts for your site. Additionally, if you simply just want a way to ad your Google Adsense Ads to your site, this is also a great solution




  • Widget Included – The plugin comes with a fully configurable widget for display Adsense blocks in Sidebars.
  • Insert Adsense into Posts – Insert Adsense ADs into post without touching any code
  • Settings Page – Fully configurable settings page for Adsense display
  • Shortcode – You have the option to insert Adsense ADS into Posts using Shortcodes
  • Template Tag – You can also plug ADs directly into WP Template Tags


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