Joomla 3 Installation – Internal Server Error 500 [Solved]

Joomla 3, although a wonderful version has a lot of persons scratching their heads on how to install it. Many persons have experienced a Internal Server Error while trying to install Joomla 3. Find the solution here.


The Joomla 3 installation package comes packed with files that has wrong file permissions of 664 while the correct permissions should 644.

You can see the issue raised here


Thanks and credits to @pxforti  for solution

Different to what he mentioned using Shell Access, you can set your file and directory permissions using this wonderful plugin : Site Scan

Site Scan

Site Scan is a standalone script providing the ability to recursively scan directories and their files to check permissions compared to the recommended settings of 755 (directories) and 644 (files).


I simply unzipped the content of Site Scan to my root folder and went to mysite.con/sitescan.php and choose to fix file and directory permissions.



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