I am a passionate PHP user with a love for Open Source systems. With a few years of programming these technologies, I am fortunate to be able to share my thoughts. Joomla and WordPress are my favorite systems to develop. That's enough for now.

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  1. AbagawGagaf says:

    =============== MY SOLUTION ============================
    (rename your php.ini to php5.ini)

    and in the top (!), add these:

    magic_quotes_gpc = Off
    magic_quotes_runtime = Off
    magic_quotes_sybase = Off

    then in .htaccess, add this (in the top):

    SetEnv PHPRC /home/your_path../public_html/php5.ini

    p.s. change /home/your_path../ correctly (you can see that path by executing the <?php phpinfo(); ?&gt command from a typical .php file.)

  1. October 3, 2012

    […] At this stage, you may see a page that says Pre-Installation check. If your server does not meet the requirements as we mentioned earlier, then this screen. Using a check list, that requirements that are not met will be checked No in red. In the screenshot below, you will notice that Magic Quotes GPC Off is stopping the installation from continuing. If you experience this problem, take a look at this post for the solution Joomla 3 Installation – Magic Quotes GPC Off [Solved] […]

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