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Hey all, I just want to tell you all about my recent tutorials written on Wp. My journey to writing on TutsPlus began after I read an article that they are looking for Authors. I ignored it but after some time, I figure “hey, maybe writing tutorials is not such a bad idea”.

I read their “Write for Us” page and began thinking about what sort of tutorial I can possibly write. I came up with the idea of writing about sharing Revenue with WordPress Authors. I got the idea from looking at Squidoo and Hubpages. Hubpages, took the author’s Google Adsense Publisher ID and placed on the site.

After brainstorming for a simple solution to this, I came up with these steps.

  1. Admin add their Publisher ID
  2. Authors add their ID
  3. Display ID on Author’s Article and swap with Admin’s PUB ID randomly

With those steps, my tutorial covered coding the following areas;

  • Admin Area for PUB ID
  • User Extra field for PUB ID
  • Display Adsense Box on User Post

I followed their tutorial guide on how to format my tut in HTML format. Finally, I submitted it and Voila! Sometime later, I received an email that “Your Post is up!”

Super excited now, I checked it out and there it is, my first pubished tutorial on WP. TUTS

You can check that tutorial out here


I am a passionate PHP user with a love for Open Source systems. With a few years of programming these technologies, I am fortunate to be able to share my thoughts. Joomla and WordPress are my favorite systems to develop. That's enough for now.

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