Where to Guest Blog??

Now, if you’re an established Blogger or a Newbie and want to drive traffic to your website/blog then guest blogging is one of the most rewarding ways to do that. The idea is to get as much a backlinks on the higher PR ranked sites. These sites sometime offer guest or paid blogging on their site and some state that as part of your contribution they will allow some links and exposure of you and your site, mostly done in the Biography section. The question now  is “How and where to start?”. Finding the best places to guest blog requires you to ask yourself a few questions.

  1. What topic can I write about?
  2. Where should I submit?
  3. Should I ask for payment or exposure?

With those questions, I say write what you know. Most of these sites already have a wealth of contributors who are top notch at what they are speaking about. You don’t want to be submitting an article on WordPress that you learnt from a tutorial you just read. Try to be as unique as possible. Make your article useful and worthwhile.

Finding out where to submit to is a task itself, but an easy one, if you’ve been a blog reader yourself. Simply turn your eyes to the Blogs that you yourself stumble upon during research and training. They just might be looking for contributors. Something I notice about these sites that are looking for writers, they tend to use the same message on their sites. So what I do, is that I google “Write for Us” and look at the results. If you want to be specific, you can add your interest to the key words “Write for Us WordPress”, “Write for us Tutorials”, “Write for us Blogger”. Sneaky little trick but very efficient.

Asking for payment for your article is an OK thing to do but if you’re needs are really just to get the exposure then I suggest Guest Blogging on the site. Some sites, do allow you to get compensation and the exposure but their requirements for an article would generally be higher.

With that said, I hope this can help you in some way.

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