Why Blog?

A lot of persons ask the same question “Why do people Blog?” and the answer is simple to me. I blog because I have something to share. Blogging has many benefits which contribute to the wealth of the Web. As you know, Content is King. So, what’s really involved in Blogging…

What is Blogging?

Firstly, a Blog is a short name for Web Log which is basically a log of updates on a website. Blogging is basically the action of adding content to the log (Blog). Simple but straight to the point, yes?

How can I profit from Blogging?

There are numerous ways to profit from blogging. Some bloggers are paid upfront to write entries, some persons join revenue share while some persons create their own Blog sites and make an income through ADs.

To learn how to make money online check out my article Making money from websites. Monetizing Joomla, WordPress and Drupal.

Can I start a Blog for Free?

Starting a blog of your own is an easy task considering that their are hosted solutions like Blogger and WordPress.com. If you have the resources you may want to invest into your own hosted Blog, this way you would not have such restrictions. You can also try Revenue Sharing websites like Squidoo and Hubpages which gives you part revenue based on the popularity of your entries.


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I am a passionate PHP user with a love for Open Source systems. With a few years of programming these technologies, I am fortunate to be able to share my thoughts. Joomla and WordPress are my favorite systems to develop. That's enough for now.

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