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WP Artist is an all in one Music solution for WordPress. As opposed to using several plugins to build one artist website, you can use this plugin as a grand plugin for managing an artist/band information. Created by a Record Label owner, this plugin has been done to meet the needs of a good website.

This plugin is perfect for:

  • Band/ Record Label Website
  • Discography Database
  • Music Store Directory
  • ..and more

Use this plugin to make your Purevolume , Island / Def Jam Records Clone. This is the Music CMS for we’ve been looking for.


  • 3 Widgets + option of requesting new widgets
  • Fluid CSS/Reponsive Build
  • Ajax page load on artist page
  • Custom Page Creation
  • ..and more

WP Artists includes the following areas to manage

Artists Management

Manage Artists Profiles with just a few clicks. It’s a simple step to add the Artists’ Biography, main image, Facebook, Twitter links and more.

Discography Management

Create a log of all the Albums, EP’s, LP’s, Mixtapes and Singles of each artists in the system. You can add both back and front cover, description and links to purchase.

Video Management

Using WP Artist Manager, you can add a list of videos for each artist and have thumbnails automatically grabbed and displayed.

Custom Page Management

Using the plugin you can create unlimited extra pages. So now you can create a page, link it to an artist and embed a Contact Form, Testimonials, Store or more.

Photo/Gallery Management

Photos are very important and for any manager, uploading photos should be quick and simple. Creating a photo gallery is as simple as adding images to posts.

Events/Tour Management

WP Artists, provides a simple way to add events for each artist. Whether it is a concert or radio interview time, you can use the Events Manager to spread the word.

Links Management

Last but not least, is Links Management. This area of the system allows you to add relevant links to each artist. For instance, myspace, twitter, sponsors etc….

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